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Topic: Debate - Purpose, Tips, and Example 2021

Debating in general is a form of battle. Unlike other battles though, the only two objectives here are to be cool and to get people to understand what you are saying. Getting people on your side should follow if you explain yourself correctly. That is to say, getting people to think you are right is more about getting them to think your side of the debate is more workable then your opponent’s. If you can get your opponent on your side too, even if only a little, I would call that debate won.

I hope the above tips will help you win over your opponents, audience, and judges. As far as debate writing is concerned, you can take help from online essay writing service in this regard.

The more solid and easily understandable your foundation, the better you’ll be able to draw people in with more complicated pieces of information. That said, you will likely always be better off using simpler pieces of information, because the bigger the words and numbers you use, and the more complex your facts, the harder people will find it to follow your train of thought.

Let’s move on to the debating tips.

You have to start by understanding all sides of the issue, even the parts you don’t like. Knowing what your opponent will use against you will allow you to cut them off at the pass or lay a trap for them. I’d advise you to get your debate draft checked by a professional debate writing expert, for it will also allow you to avoid making weak arguments. Build your arguments around solid, tenable facts and things that people can find themselves agreeing with. The write my essay services can help you write debate topics.

As I said before, getting people to think your side is the most understandable, and workable is the best way to win a debate. If the audience finds themselves understanding your argument better than your opponent, then you have already won.

The thing you need to remember most when you get in front of your opponent though is this: be cool. Be calm. This isn’t a race, even if your opponent is saying a bunch of stuff you strongly disagree with, you aren’t losing points by just letting him run out his metaphorical clock.

If your opponent tries to pull away from one of your strong points, real him back in, calmly and politely. Don’t let him get away with steering the argument to where he wants it to go. Don’t let him bait you either; this will involve making volatile remarks or saying outlandish things. Keep your cool, remember your plan, and stick to it.

If you see an opportunity where he says something dumb, make a note of it, but be wary of saying things like “never” or “impossible”. These are usually words involved in statements that are if not actually impossible themselves to prove, very difficult.

Try to end your statements on a question to your opponent. Be direct with them and ask them something that will strengthen your points. Any time you are in control of the direction of the debate is time you can use just listening. And you need to listen, as thinking while your opponent is talking is a wasted opportunity to understand where he is going.

If you don’t know where he is going, you can’t cut him off from getting there; on the same footing when an essay writer writes a critique. Any time you deny your opponent the ability to make an argument is a point against them and for you.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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